Search Engine Optimization

If your website isn’t generating traffic/leads and coming up at the top of search engine listings you are missing out on potential business.

More traffic, more business

To get new prospects to your website, your website must be at the top of their web search. SEO or Search Engine Optimization is a way to get visitors to your site by improving your position on a web browser’s search results. What gets your site to the top of the list? There are a lot of factors to SEO and we can help you with all of them. The steps you take to improve the search engine optimization of your website will yield long term benefits. Long after you’ve completed your SEO project with us, the efforts we have taken will continue to work, driving your site to the top of the search listings for months to come.

Get to the top of the RIGHT list

If you offer banquet facilities, you don’t want to waste your SEO efforts getting to the top of the equipment rental search list, or the search list for hall rentals in Timbuktu! It takes planning, strategy, and research to make sure your site is optimized for the right prospects. Getting the right prospects means having the right online relationships; and, that means quality back links and references to your content. We use the best technology and tools to make sure your prospects are finding YOU when they’re ready to buy.

The proof is in the reporting

Does SEO work? Yes. We will provide easy to understand reports that show your rankings and the target categories where your site is ranking highly. But even better, you will increase sales. Our online marketing eCommerce  team is committed to helping you increase your site traffic through search engine optimization but we want to help you increase your sales, too. That means building a site with a solid navigation structure, content with a strong call to action, and useful, dynamic information customers (and search engines) love!

A successful SEO campaign starts with a clearly defined strategic plan. Contact us to schedule our free initial planning session at 248-625-0817 or



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