Take full ownership of your software development needs with an in-house dedicated team. Let IGD Solutions recruit and staff specialized developers for you, giving you the best opportunity for success. We hire quality assets specific to the technology needs of your project, allowing us to augment existing teams or build new ones.

Specialized Software Engineers

XSLT Developers, QA Engineers, Content Production Analysts,
Graphic Designers, Agile Consultants, Scrum Masters, and many others

Technologies and Platforms

.NET, Java/J2EE, LAMP, Web, Drupal, WordPress and more

Experienced Resources

Big Data, NoSQL, Graph Databases, Machine Learning and more


With our unique recruiting process, you will get right developers for your project, without dealing with huge costs and on-boarding difficulties. When we take on a new project, we hire the needed development staff and have a team of trained consultants accompany your project through the on-boarding stages. Our consultants make sure that all developers are integrated into your existing development process.

All developers recruited by IGD Solutions are trained on Agile methodologies, best-practices, and technologies required by your project.

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Project Based Development Services

Let us develop your web sites, online applications, mobile apps, and back-end systems so that you don't have to. Our Project Based Custom Software Development Services are focused around working with the customer in a way that is most flexible for them. In some cases, this may require shorter delivery cycles; depending on the needs of the project we either do extensive or short upfront planning.

We ensure quality development using Agile development methodologies, using either Scrum or Kanban.

All our developers are trained on these methodologies that maximize our ability to delivery software at an efficient pace, with regular deployment schedules, and without sacrificing on quality. These projects can be hosted by us, on premise or in the cloud and with or without the involvement from existing teams or developers.

The project based approach is great for client's looking to minimize risk, maximize delivery, and speed to market; letting us focus on the software development efforts means you can focus on more important things, like growing your business.

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