Our Clients

Our clients are small to medium sized businesses, direct to consumer, service oriented businesses, business to business resellers, professional organizations, and more. They all have one thing in common: they value their time.

When you’re in business, time is a premium you can’t afford to waste. We take the guesswork, the learning curve, and the confusion out of website and application development and management. We communicate every step of the way, in plain language. We don’t expect you to know the technical side of things, nor do we expect you to know everything you need up front. Our business relationships are dynamic and adapt with changing technologies and changing online strategies. We partner with our clients, building long term relationships to navigate the changing and volatile online landscape.

Non-Profit Specialists

We also work with a lot of non-profits.  Non-profit organizations are unique and we understand how a non-profit structure differs from a corporation.  We know how to work with and deal with the staff, the volunteers, the board of directors, and the committee structure to deliver a successful end result, on time.

Our approach is to really investigate what process we need to follow to be successful in our implementation of a project.  We conduct meetings with stakeholders, which may include end users/consumers, the board, staff, or volunteers. We ask questions and engage with individuals to gather everybody’s input. Then we share how each stakeholders ideas are being implemented and gather more feedback, and so on. We know and understand that projects for non-profits involve lots of people who want to contribute and share their expertise. We make sure everyone is heard and included so the project can move progressively towards completion and success



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