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Email is an absolute necessity if you are in any kind of business or organization. It’s a communication, a collaboration, a filing and archiving tool. Our staff will evaluate your business, your existing email situation and your growing email needs to build a custom email solution. We offer a broad range of email products to offer you a seamless and reliable communication solution.

Email needs vary from industry to industry, person to person. A photographer will need an email solution that supports very large file size exchange and storage, while a financial planner’s needs are much less rigorous. Your needs may lie somewhere in the middle. We can customize an email solution for you based on your needs.

Email marketing has become a reliable and effective method for reaching out to your prospects. Email marketing keeps your company at the top of their minds. Our email marketing experts can help you use this valuable tool by setting you up with a solution that meets your needs and is easy to use. Let us show you how.

Our email solutions include:

  • Email hosting accounts - regular email
  • MS Exchange Hosting Accounts - with the suite of MS Office products support
  • MS Office 365 - budget friendly and full service
  • Hybrid - to mix MS Exchange and regular email to provide a blended solution
  • Archiving - providing storage and back up for email
  • Email marketing - creating top of mind awareness for your products and services

Don't let your email get into your clients' SPAM folders

Do you not receive some emails that people are sending to you?

Are you unsure if your clients are receiving your emails?

Are you getting all the orders being sent to you?

If the answer to any of these questions is "No" or "I don't know" you might want to think about setting a resolution to increase your email deliverability this year.

Email deliverability is getting increasingly difficult. There is a constant battle between spammers, spoofers, and phishers against spam filters and Internet Service Providers. As the spam filters advance so do the spamatories.

There are some new tools available that can help make sure your emails are getting through, emails are getting through to you, and spammers, phishers, and spoofers are limited in their ability to impersonate you and terrorize your vendors and customers.

If you are interested in improving your email deliverability or protecting your business email, we can help.

Improve Email Deliverability

1. Enhanced Email Deliverability

We can add two records (SPF and DKIM) to your account to help authenticate your email. Email authentication can help your emails get through and tell internet service providers (ISPs) you are not a spammer. Authentication proves your email isn't forged, and it gives the receiver's email servers a way to check the sender is legitimate.

The first way is to add an SPF record to your account that notes what services or systems are authorized to send email on your behalf. One of the ways to create a more robust authentication is using a DKIM or Domain Keys Identified Mail. This system uses records in your DNS or Domain Name System that verifies you sent the email.

When more than 30% of all emails sent are scams and nearly 100% of those emails include links to potentially malicious content, you need to protect your reputation.

2. Business Protected Email

Beyond SPF and DKIM, we can add something called a DMARC record that generates feedback as your email is sent as to what receiving servers did with your email and how it is perceived. We can add additional monitoring to this to make sure that your email deliverability settings are calibrated properly, and email continues to flow and be delivered.

We can also add something called DNSSEC that makes sure no one is spoofing your domain record and directing people to phishing sites that may look like your company. With these tools, it is much less likely that your customers, contacts, or vendors will be subject to spear phishing that looks like it may be coming from you.

3. Total Email Visibility

Finally, we can track each email you are sending and see if it is delivered or not. This tracking is especially helpful when troubleshooting specific accounts and deliverability issues. We can add a special Bulk Mail sender to your account that can segregate and manage your sending reputation.

With all the scammers out there, wouldn't you like a way for your clients to know it is really you?

Give us a call at (248) 625-0817, and we can discuss what the right level of authentication is for your organization and how we can help you and your organization remain trustworthy to your clients.

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