Agency Partnering

Let IGD Solutions supplement your internal team or function as a completely outsourced team with a responsive and integrated relationship.



Our current Agency Partners include:

  • Creative Agencies
  • Full Service Advertising Agencies
  • Public Relations Firms
  • Marketing Agencies
  • Web Development Companies
  • And others!



We will find the WIN-WIN-WIN Value Proposition!



No Need to Hire
an Internal Position

Get Access to a
Highly Skilled Team

  • No training needed
  • No HR issuess
  • No dealing with techie people
  • No conflict with a tech person who doesn't fit the culture of your organization

Agency Partnering allows you to supplement your internal resources. We also work well in sensitive situations where you plan to replace staff and assist throughout the transition providing consistency.

Behind the Scenes

You be the project director, we will do the work! You and/or your client decide what you need and “hire” us to implement it.

Direct Customer Engagement

Want to hand off the project to us? Feel free to refer us to your clients for technology work and you get a referral fee!

Dual Customer Support

This arrangement is a cross between the first two options: you and your client BOTH have contact with us, the level of contact determined by you.


It is our experience that starting with one project and getting to know each other is the best way to determine if it makes sense to continue working together. The best partnerships we have are the ones where we are both focused on the client.








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