HIPAA Compliance

HIPAA stands for the
Health Insurance Portability and Accountability Act.

HIPAA Compliance comes into play after a security incident occurs. If you’re not increasing your cybersecurity standards, you have a higher chance of becoming involved in an incident, leading to increased likelihood of being investigated by the Office for Civil Rights.

Top 3 Risks Facing Your Business

Minimize the risk of non-compliance with simplified services to help clients meet core HIPAA requirements like annual, case-study based training and customizable policies & procedures.

Cybersecurity Risks
Help clients understand their security gaps through an annual HIPAA Security Risk Assessment deemed “rigorous” by the Office for Civil Rights with done-for-you outlined Work Plan.

Breach Response
Protect their business from going outof business with a robust cyber insurance policy. HIPAA Compliance Program clients are eligible to add-on coverage, learn more here.


A Layered Security Strategy to Protecting Patient Data

Minimizes a single point of failure and make it difficult for criminals to penetrate your network

HIPAA was created to provide standards for protecting the sensitive information pertaining to a patient’s health and medical records.

PHI stands for Protected Health Information and ePHI is electronic Protected Health Information. Examples of PHI and ePHI include Names, birthdates, Social Security numbers, account numbers, email addresses and more.


HIPAA sets a higher standard for PHI protection requirements and the fines and penalties for violations and breaches are much steeper. Cybercriminals are aware of this value and are targeting healthcare organizations and their business associates - and its not just large organizations they are after.


Employee Training & Defense Firewall / Anti-Virus / Anti-Malware System Patching, Encryption & Backup Solutions Cyber Insurance HIPAA Compliance

A breach from one employee affects the whole business and overall brand value:


  • Raises your business insurance rates
  • Affects your reputation locally
  • Reduced revenue with lost clientele/patients
  • Loss of time and money during downtime
  • Incurs high remediation costs
  • Lost trust from community with their data





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