Internet Applications

IGD Solutions Corporation can work with existing commercial Internet Applications and we can create custom Internet Applications.  Custom Internet Applications can help to gain efficiencies in existing business processes.  An automatic Email newsletter can be automated or a shopping cart can be customized for the specific product sizes and types of the merchandise you are selling online.

Instead of only taking the traditional approach of building software applications to existing specifications, IGD Solutions Corporation goes well beyond that mind set to help customers meet their business objectives and gain efficiency through the use of completely customized Internet Applications.

We can work with existing specifications and simply do the programming work or we can work with our customers to develop specifics and interfaces to applications that are intuitive and easy to use for both staff members and potential customers.  We are customer focused

Most of the application and always keep in mind the use of the applications we are developing at all times.development we do is priced on a per project basis with a clearly defined scope of work ahead of time so the customer knows exactly what they will end up with and how it will work.

We can maintain or upgrade an existing application or we can start from scratch and develop a set of plans for a new endeavor.  Companies often have applications that don’t do quite what the customer is looking for, but they adjust their workflow and fit it into the applications framework.  We can help that customer update their applications to make their entire workflow process more efficient.

We have a wide range of expertise from sales force management applications, to Email newsletter managers, to order tracking applications, as well as custom shopping carts.  We also have extensive experience working with Intranet sites for companies with multiple locations or groups wanting to collaborate over the Internet.  Community Calendaring is another area where we have experience in working with groups and organizations in a community to list their events and happenings online and maintain those easily.

Everything we do at IGD Solutions Corporation is completely customized.  We do not have any specific modules or specifications you must choose from.  We can work directly with you to craft the specific functions your application should have and help you to determine how those will impact your business.