Bandwidth Management

IGD Solutions Corporation is an authorized dealer for Procera Networks, and Packeteer/Bluecoat bandwidth management products. These products function by examining network traffic and prioritizing the network traffic to ensure applications that need bandwidth do not experience any quality issues.  These solutions are a must for Educational Institutions and Internet Service Providers (ISPs) dealing with P2P applications and any corporate environment requiring a Quality of Service solution.  Each of these vendors products work and function differently.  We can help you evaluate which solutions may be correct for your specific application.

Our staff has a collective experience of over 20 years in working with Bandwidth Management products.  We can help look at your unique situation and help you to determine which product or manufacturer may be right for your network.  Our staff has access to top level engineers at Procera Networks, and Packeteer/Bluecoat and we will work with your on site staff to make sure your questions are answered by the highest level personnel.

Please review some of our clients and look through the products currently available.  We can help you with a renewal on any of these products as well as a new purchase.  Do not hesitate to contact us to let us help you evaluate your unique situation or to ask for a proposal. Please call us at 248-625-0817 or email

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